Auto International keeps pace by updating the manufacturing facilities by inducting the latest technology like CAD/CAM, Fully Supported by conventional facilities with Various Hammers, Design and estimation dept., Heat Treatment Facility, Testing Laboratory Micro & Macro tests along with hardness testing and magnaflux for crack detection.


With a total current installed capacity of 10K MT per annum, has the capacity to execute orders for wide range of forging from 1 kg to 22 kg.

Our focus is usage of technology, functionality and Quality.

We have taken steps for Customer Relationship – Marketing (CRM) and that is the keynote for our success.

We also have capability of customization since we use resources to the fullest extent.

Dies are being made on various VMC Machine.


OKUMA BFW CNC Turning Machines

Heat Treatment Facility (Normalising, Isothermal annealing & Hardening Tempering)

Die Shop

Testing Laboratory Micro & Macro tests along with hardness testing & Magna flux Equipment, for crack detection.

Spectrometer for chemical analysis.

EDM, milling machine

Design and Estimation dept. (SIEMENS CAD-CAM Software)

Universal testing equipment available.

10MM ball hardness tester 3000 ton.

Micrography available.

Non destructive testing available with ultra sound testing and Dye penetration facilities available.

Machine Shops with VMC'S, CNC'S, Broaching, Cylinderical Grinders, Drilling & many other machines.