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Automotive gear shafts manufacturing unit India

gears & Shafts

Gears and shafts comes under engineered automotive components. Gears and shafts are generally used for the automotive puposes and also for the industrial components and engines. Gears and shafts are made resistant to damage and corrosion, thus delivering quality performance.
Gears and shafts made from hardening steel, alloy steel can be made according to customized specification and sample. Gears and shafts used in any engineered field is made and tested for optimal performance and functionality. Auto International is a prime manufacturer and exporter of Gears and shafts in India and overseas.
Many different kinds of gears and shafts are used in different applications, whether in industry, households or even in automotive spaces. Few of the gears and shafts are as under:
Manufacturers gear shafts gear shafts exporters from India
Suppliers of gear shafts Gear shafts manufacturing unit in India
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